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Jared has a lot of balls co-hosting a podcast specifically aimed at making fun of what some might consider to be his demographic. Games are only a small part of Jared’s life, however, as his primary ambition in 2015 is to become the local Karaoke Champion. First you sing the songs, then you get the power, then you get the women.

Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #3

OMD Ep3On today’s bonus episode of Otakus Must Die, we start things off spending a lot of time getting Alex’s thoughts on her recent watch of the Bakuman anime.  Following that, Ben gives his views on his first viewing of Gurren Lagann.  We then move on to news, where we discuss the unveiling of a Hatsune Miku robot, as well as the upcoming live action Bakuman film.

We wrap things up with a lengthy discussion (rant) on the culture of hatred that’s so prevalent within the anime community, mainly focusing on Sword Art Online as well as the Slice of Life genre.

Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #3

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Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #2

OMD Ep2Jared here, back with another episode of Otakus Must Die!

In today’s episode we waste no time jumping into news, where we discuss the recent revealing of Kakashi’s face, as well as the exciting announcement of the Dragon Ball Super anime!  Dragon Ball fans rejoice!  This will likely be the final nail in the coffin for the awful GT series.

We follow news with a lengthy discussion about some of our favorite sports anime series, along with the yaoi fangirls who just can’t seem to get enough of them…  Following that we turn our discussion towards the currently airing anime that we’ve been watching, such as Yuki Nagato and Punchline,as well as Alex and I talking at great length on our mutual love for ‘My Love Story’ (Ore Monogatari).  We do end up revealing some spoilers up through episode 3, so I’d recommend catching up to that point before listening to this.  You’ve been warned!

Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #2

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Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #1

JARED HERE. Welcome to the premiere episode of Otakus Must Die! Ben and I… well, mostly I… have been floating around the idea of doing an anime centered spin-off podcast for a long time now, and the addition of the anime loving Alex Morrow to our team has presented us with the perfect opportunity to finally make it a reality! Much like Gamers Must Die, the point of this spinoff podcast is to provide a voice for people who love anime, but may not love the culture surrounding it. To that end, our goal is to place the majority of the emphasis on the shows themselves, while leaving out a lot of the other bullshit that you find with passionate fandoms.

Otakus Must Die

In this inaugural edition of Otakus Must Die we first discuss several winter anime series that are just ending their seasons (spoiler alert: Your Lie in April may make you cry). In news we cover just how scary the global phenomena Hatsune Miku has become, and then attempt to teach Ben what a Best Girl is. In the last half of the show we try to briefly go over every upcoming title for the spring season. Emphasis on ‘try,’ since my pronunciation of Japanese names apparently leaves much to be desired.

Bonus Episode: Otakus Must Die #1

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