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Jared has a lot of balls co-hosting a podcast specifically aimed at making fun of what some might consider to be his demographic. Games are only a small part of Jared’s life, however, as his primary ambition in 2015 is to become the local Karaoke Champion. First you sing the songs, then you get the power, then you get the women.

OMD Ep13: Don’t Ever Call Moe Trash!

Otakus Must Die Ep13Today’s episode shuffles around the usual formula a bit by opening with a series rundown of the Spring anime season.  First impressions end up being quite positive, as both Alex and Jared are fairly impressed with the line up. Particularly Jared, who after a disastrously moe-light Winter finally has a few decent looking Cute Girls Doing Cute Things series to sink his teeth into! (This series rundown segment runs until the 38 minute mark if you decide to skip ahead).

In news the team covers the recent teaser that was made for a Planetarian anime project, and then gets excited at the news of the final negotiations occuring for Netflix to produce an American Death Note. Last but not least, the new Hunter x Hunter dub will have its American premiere on April 16th on Toonami.

The show ends with Jared and Alex giving their final thoughts on the Winter season, and they agree that Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well as Erased are definitely their favorites. Alex also mentions how much she ended up enjoying Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu for both its top tier art and excellent story telling.

Otakus Must Die Episode 13: Don’t Ever Call Moe Trash!

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OMD Ep12: It’s Actually Pretty Good

Otakus Must Die Ep12Today’s news begins with the upcoming partnership between Netflix and Production I.G on a new anime series, “Perfect Bones.” Next up is more discussion of Production I.G and their upcoming reboot of “FLCL,” and how  Alex and Jared have a few reservations about it.

Next on the docket are the currently airing Winter anime series, which includes serial killer identity theories for Alex and Jared’s favorite anime this season, “Erased.” Also in this segment: thoughts on the newest episodes of “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”, Jared listing his reasons for dropping Prince of Stride, and his hatred for Fujoshi’s and Fujoshi-fare anime in general.

In this week’s series reviews Alex gives her thoughts on the reboot of “Osomatsu-san” and how it makes hilarious jokes out of its attempts to appeal to a more modern audience. Jared struggles through trying to summarize the absurd premise for “The World God Only Knows” which he had recently watched the first season of.

The episode wraps up with Alex and Jared briefly discussing their favorite manga of all time! For Alex it’s “Mushi-Shi.” And Jared just can’t get enough of the awkwardly foul mouthed Tomoko from “Watamote!”

Otakus Must Die Episode 12: It’s Actually Pretty Good

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OMD Ep11: Sunshine and Rainbows

Otakus Must Die Ep11Today’s episode includes news about Toyota’s bizarre ad campaign that personifies car components as cute anime girls, as well as Akira Toriyama’s recent resolution to dramatically improve the quality of Dragon Ball Super.

The DragonBall discussion continues with Jared and the team reviewing the recently released French fan film “DBZ The Fall of Men” (be sure to check out the film prior to listening to this segment, as it’s pretty spoilery). From there the reviews shift to actual anime with Alex giving her opinion of one of Jared’s all time favorite sports anime series, “Chihayafuru.” Ben is less than impressed.

In the final segment Jared and Alex discuss their thoughts on the Winter season so far. Alex dropped Dagashi Kashi (much to Jared’s chagrin), but they both agree that “Erased” is probably the show to watch this season. Alex also gives her thoughts on “Grimgar of Fanatsy and Ash” and how its put a new, and interesting spin on the “trapped in an MMO’ genre.

Otakus Must Die Episode 11: Sunshine and Rainbows

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OMD Ep10: My Life’s Passion

Otakus Must Die Ep10It’s the first Otakus Must Die episode of 2016! The team opens the show with their final thoughts on the Fall 2015 season, followed by several reviews of other series that they’ve recently been watching. Jared is elated to find out that Alex finally watched his favorite anime of all time: Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions, as well as the School-Live! series that he recommended last episode.

The show finishes out with another seasonal lineup discussion, this time for Winter 2016 anime season… and Jared is not impressed.

Otakus Must Die Episode 10: My Life’s Passion

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OMD Ep9: Not an Idol Anime

Otakus Must Die Ep9This week’s show begins with the announcement that Samurai Jack is coming back to TV for a new season! In other news, Jared attempts to provide a relatively spoiler free synopsis of the Steins;Gate alternate episode 23 OVA that recently aired. (If any of you are Steins;Gate fans make sure to comment and give me some validation here. Because I sure as hell don’t get any from my co-hosts!).

Japanese Lessons with Alex is now officially a recurring segment, and in today’s edition Alex attempts to educate Ben and Jared about the various forms of “goodbye” used in Japan.

After a group discussion about how the current season is progressing, it’s on to some series reviews. Alex covers Maria Holic, Ben finally completed Gurren Lagann and shares his thoughts on it, and Jared issues a retraction on some previous misconceptions that he had for School-Live.

Otakus Must Die Episode 9: Not an Idol Anime

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OMD Ep8: More Aggressive!

Otakus Must Die Ep8Today’s edition of the Otakus Must Die podcast starts out with coverage of Crunchyroll’s recent news that it is going to co-produce anime. As per a listener’s request, Alex and Jared give their thoughts on the Kizumonogatari trailer. Jared then reads through some of the other listener feedback that the podcast has received thus far, and it goes straight to Ben’s head.

Later the team goes over the currently airing series that they’ve been keeping up with. Ben brings up the recent yaoi-centric South Park episode, Jared loves the concept of Shomin Sample, and Alex talks about Noragami season 2 as well as season 2 of Haikyuu!. Other reviews include Shirobaku and the Tamayura series.

The show closes with a new segment in which Alex attempts to teach Ben and Jared some basic Japanese phrases. Today’s brief lesson: Japanese greetings.

Otakus Must Die Episode 8: More Aggressive!

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OMD Ep7: Heroic Tears

Otakus Must Die Ep7Today’s podcast opens with a post mortem on the Summer season, including Wagnaria season 3, Charlotte, and more gross tales of Monster Musume from Alex.

…Just how supple do you think the “tree girl” is?

A piece on Jun Maeda (the man behind a lot of the “crying anime” out there) leads to Jared and Alex giving honorable mentions of a few of their favorite “feels” series. And yes, this includes Clannad. Shocking, right?

Next up is the introduction of the entire Fall season. As is tradition, Jared once again busts out his terrible pronounciations of series titles as the team analyzes the chart.

The show wraps up with Alex and Jared doing mini reviews of older titles that they’ve watched recently. Alex reviews Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Jared tackles Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners (that anime has it all!).

Otakus Must Die Episode 7: Heroic Tears

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OMD Ep6: Front Pussy

Otakus Must Die Ep6Today’s episode of Otakus Must Die begins with Alex and Jared catching up on the new series that they’ve been watching. The discussion takes a gross turn when Alex brings up her new guilty pleasure: Monster Musume. Eventually the chat gets less disgusting as Jared proclaims that Overlord is his perfect wish fulfillment series, and things finish up with a synopsis of the new series Charlotte that fans of NBC’s Heroes (and/or X-Men) will definitely enjoy.

News includes coverage of the Ore Monogatari live action trailer and the devastating effects of the hack on at least one Otaku’s life. Last but not least, after it is revealed that Ben has no idea what a Tenga is, Alex makes things gross again and explains it to him.

Otakus Must Die Episode 6: Front Pussy

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OMD Ep5: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Otakus Must Die Ep5Jared, Alex, and Ben start off by talking about what they’ve been watching lately; topics include Dragon Ball and their final thoughts on the Spring season shows. Jared gives a synopsis of Kiniro Mosaic season 2, but ends up causing a great deal of confusion with his casual use of the term “CGDCT”, an acronym for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

In news the team discusses the real world relevence of the childhood friend trope, and Alex gives a progress update on the “Yandere Simulator” game. From there Jared dives into the full summer 2015 anime chart as he and Alex decide what they will and won’t watch this season. Of course, no anime chart discussion is complete without Jared’s excellent pronounciation skills…

Otakus Must Die Ep5: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

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OMD Ep4: 2D Girls No Smell

Otakus Must Die Ep4On today’s episode Alex gives her first impressions of Steins;Gate, followed by a discussion of SHAFT animation and their crazy ass backgrounds/love of good oral hygiene. In news the team spends time debating whether DBZ should have ended in the Frieza saga, as well as their thoughts on the coming release of the “Resurrection F” movie. Jared also takes time to introduce Ben and Alex to a couple of fan made live action DBZ videos that have been posted lately.

Next up the team talks about the prevalence of CGI in current anime, including what they consider to be both good and bad examples of CGI. Jared and Alex finish the show by going over the Spring season titles that they’ve been watching, most of which are now wrapping up.

Otakus Must Die Ep4: 2D Girls No Smell

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