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GMD Ep33: #NotAllBrazillians

GMD Ep33Rumors of an upcoming PS4 “4.5” expansion lead today’s headlines, which also include a 5000 page petition advocating for a Vanilla WoW server being passed onto Blizzard’s president, and a Gears of War dev bemoaning the fact that players don’t understand the meaning of the word “beta”. Somewhere in there Ben also accuses Alex of being an Amazon Prime Hater, though she insists that he’s simply a Prime Fanboy.

The rest of this week’s episode is centered on the topic of game piracy, particularly as it relates to popular independent games. In The Top Three List of the Week each host relates their “top three experiences with pirated games or software”. Next up during The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week Ben tries to cut through the excuses and figure out what users’ actual reasons are for pirating games. Also, why have certain indie devs actually started embracing the culture of piracy in the gaming world?

Episode 33: #NotAllBrazillians

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