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GMD Ep32: A One Or A Ten

GMD Ep32Quantum Break for Xbox One has been well received, but Ben’s excitement over the that game is quickly overshadowed by his hatred of April Fool’s day (which took place in between recording sessions for last week’s episode and now). However, even Ben’s disdain for April Fool’s day is nothing compared to his complete and total contempt for diehard comic book fans, which is revealed as Alex, Jared and he discuss fans’ reactions to the recent “Batman v Superman” film during The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week.

This episode’s Top Three List of the Week is about the team’s “top three hardest games that you’ve ever played (but also enjoyed)”. As Ben and Jared reminisce about the glory days of tough RTS games, Alex recalls building plutonic friend blanket forts when playing through Viewtiful Joe in high school.

Episode 32: A One Or A Ten

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OMD Ep13: Don’t Ever Call Moe Trash!

Otakus Must Die Ep13Today’s episode shuffles around the usual formula a bit by opening with a series rundown of the Spring anime season.  First impressions end up being quite positive, as both Alex and Jared are fairly impressed with the line up. Particularly Jared, who after a disastrously moe-light Winter finally has a few decent looking Cute Girls Doing Cute Things series to sink his teeth into! (This series rundown segment runs until the 38 minute mark if you decide to skip ahead).

In news the team covers the recent teaser that was made for a Planetarian anime project, and then gets excited at the news of the final negotiations occuring for Netflix to produce an American Death Note. Last but not least, the new Hunter x Hunter dub will have its American premiere on April 16th on Toonami.

The show ends with Jared and Alex giving their final thoughts on the Winter season, and they agree that Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well as Erased are definitely their favorites. Alex also mentions how much she ended up enjoying Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu for both its top tier art and excellent story telling.

Otakus Must Die Episode 13: Don’t Ever Call Moe Trash!

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