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GMD Ep31: Jaredvanni

GMD Ep31At the top of today’s episode Alex and Ben discuss their newfound obsession with mechanical keyboards, and Ben insists that Jared will soon join their ranks. Later when discussing recent gaming news the team decides that Pokemon Go is already looking like a shitty cash grab, but is still holding out hope that No Man’s Sky won’t follow in Spore’s shallow footsteps.

In and amongst discussion of more news including digital game trade-ins, Final Fantasy XV and Stardew Valley, Ben declares that there is no excuse for individuals to use Twitter and Jared refuses to “lower himself” to play JRPGs on handheld systems.

In What You Been Playin’ Bro? Alex talks about Don’t Starve Together and delivers her final thoughts on Fallout 4. The show wraps up with The Top Three List of the Week in which the team discusses their “top three games that you enjoyed but lost interest in and abandoned before finishing”.

Episode 31: Jaredvanni

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