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OMD Ep12: It’s Actually Pretty Good

Otakus Must Die Ep12Today’s news begins with the upcoming partnership between Netflix and Production I.G on a new anime series, “Perfect Bones.” Next up is more discussion of Production I.G and their upcoming reboot of “FLCL,” and how  Alex and Jared have a few reservations about it.

Next on the docket are the currently airing Winter anime series, which includes serial killer identity theories for Alex and Jared’s favorite anime this season, “Erased.” Also in this segment: thoughts on the newest episodes of “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”, Jared listing his reasons for dropping Prince of Stride, and his hatred for Fujoshi’s and Fujoshi-fare anime in general.

In this week’s series reviews Alex gives her thoughts on the reboot of “Osomatsu-san” and how it makes hilarious jokes out of its attempts to appeal to a more modern audience. Jared struggles through trying to summarize the absurd premise for “The World God Only Knows” which he had recently watched the first season of.

The episode wraps up with Alex and Jared briefly discussing their favorite manga of all time! For Alex it’s “Mushi-Shi.” And Jared just can’t get enough of the awkwardly foul mouthed Tomoko from “Watamote!”

Otakus Must Die Episode 12: It’s Actually Pretty Good

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