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OMD Ep11: Sunshine and Rainbows

Otakus Must Die Ep11Today’s episode includes news about Toyota’s bizarre ad campaign that personifies car components as cute anime girls, as well as Akira Toriyama’s recent resolution to dramatically improve the quality of Dragon Ball Super.

The DragonBall discussion continues with Jared and the team reviewing the recently released French fan film “DBZ The Fall of Men” (be sure to check out the film prior to listening to this segment, as it’s pretty spoilery). From there the reviews shift to actual anime with Alex giving her opinion of one of Jared’s all time favorite sports anime series, “Chihayafuru.” Ben is less than impressed.

In the final segment Jared and Alex discuss their thoughts on the Winter season so far. Alex dropped Dagashi Kashi (much to Jared’s chagrin), but they both agree that “Erased” is probably the show to watch this season. Alex also gives her thoughts on “Grimgar of Fanatsy and Ash” and how its put a new, and interesting spin on the “trapped in an MMO’ genre.

Otakus Must Die Episode 11: Sunshine and Rainbows

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