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OMD Ep10: My Life’s Passion

Otakus Must Die Ep10It’s the first Otakus Must Die episode of 2016! The team opens the show with their final thoughts on the Fall 2015 season, followed by several reviews of other series that they’ve recently been watching. Jared is elated to find out that Alex finally watched his favorite anime of all time: Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions, as well as the School-Live! series that he recommended last episode.

The show finishes out with another seasonal lineup discussion, this time for Winter 2016 anime season… and Jared is not impressed.

Otakus Must Die Episode 10: My Life’s Passion

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GMD Ep29: Made Out Of Pure Recessive Genes

GMD Episode 29It’s the first episode of 2016, but before moving forward Ben insists on making Alex explain why she shed tears of joy after receiving a fanny pack full of Transformers for Christmas…

The new year has brought with it some actual gaming news, including a new approach to mod distribution for Fallout 4, the announcement of a new “Coleco” cartridge-based console, and a bunch of Oculus Rift and other virtual reality reveals. The team also discusses several of the exciting new 3DS games scheduled to be released in the first couple months of 2016.

Following the news is another edition of What You Been Playin’ Bro, in which Jared’s purchase of Pillars of Eternity leads to Ben pointing out that Jared is “such a glory days-er about everything”. Finally having found the time to play Fallout 4 over the holidays, Alex provides a spoiler-free rundown of her experience.

The final segment starts at the 47 minute mark as  Alex, Ben and Jared launch into a spoiler-filled discussion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a conversation that is equal parts review, analysis, and debate as each host talks about what did and didn’t work for them. No fanboy crap here (apart from Ben’s love of Adam Driver) – just a thorough discussion of characters, plot, and how well everything came together.

Episode 29: Made Out Of Pure Recessive Genes

Here are the relevant links from today’s podcast: