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OMD Ep9: Not an Idol Anime

Otakus Must Die Ep9This week’s show begins with the announcement that Samurai Jack is coming back to TV for a new season! In other news, Jared attempts to provide a relatively spoiler free synopsis of the Steins;Gate alternate episode 23 OVA that recently aired. (If any of you are Steins;Gate fans make sure to comment and give me some validation here. Because I sure as hell don’t get any from my co-hosts!).

Japanese Lessons with Alex is now officially a recurring segment, and in today’s edition Alex attempts to educate Ben and Jared about the various forms of “goodbye” used in Japan.

After a group discussion about how the current season is progressing, it’s on to some series reviews. Alex covers Maria Holic, Ben finally completed Gurren Lagann and shares his thoughts on it, and Jared issues a retraction on some previous misconceptions that he had for School-Live.

Otakus Must Die Episode 9: Not an Idol Anime

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