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OMD Ep8: More Aggressive!

Otakus Must Die Ep8Today’s edition of the Otakus Must Die podcast starts out with coverage of Crunchyroll’s recent news that it is going to co-produce anime. As per a listener’s request, Alex and Jared give their thoughts on the Kizumonogatari trailer. Jared then reads through some of the other listener feedback that the podcast has received thus far, and it goes straight to Ben’s head.

Later the team goes over the currently airing series that they’ve been keeping up with. Ben brings up the recent yaoi-centric South Park episode, Jared loves the concept of Shomin Sample, and Alex talks about Noragami season 2 as well as season 2 of Haikyuu!. Other reviews include Shirobaku and the Tamayura series.

The show closes with a new segment in which Alex attempts to teach Ben and Jared some basic Japanese phrases. Today’s brief lesson: Japanese greetings.

Otakus Must Die Episode 8: More Aggressive!

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GMD Ep26: Classic 90’s Clitoris Joke

GMD Episode 26So many incredible games being released this holiday season, so little time. At the top of today’s episode the team discusses November’s biggest releases, with Alex having thus far resisted the temptation to blow off her responsibilities and buy Fallout 4.

This week’s news segment covers lots of Nintendo tidbits, including the controversial new “Linkle” character coming to Hyrule Warriors. Also on the docket is the Warcraft movie trailer (and subsequent WoW discussion), as well as a recent indie game marketing campaign that was Fueled By Autism™.

In the The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week the team discusses the absence of splitscreen multiplayer in Halo 5, focussing on the disturbing (but expected) overreaction of the denizens of /r/gaming. This segment has it all, including another sad piano monologue and Alex calling Ben “The Jesus of this podcast”.

The episode wraps up with What You Been Playin’ Bro, featuring Grim Fandango and a quick rundown of the best portable Castlevania games.

Episode 26: Classic 90’s Clitoris Joke

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GMD Ep25: It Just Came Into My Mouth

Gamers Must Die Episode 25Today’s episode starts at the negative two-minute mark, as Jared’s pre-show banter was just too weird to leave on the cutting room floor. The show eventually starts “for reals” with Ben telling the tale of his plane being struck by lightning on a trip to Brazil last month, and then it’s on to this week’s news in which the team talks about all of the huge games coming out before Christmas.

Later in the show Alex leads a discussion of the team’s favorite videogame cheats and tricks of all time in the Top Three List of the Week, and Jared rants about how disappointed he is in the recent changes to The Old Republic in The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week.

Episode 25: It Just Came Into My Mouth

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