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OMD Ep6: Front Pussy

Otakus Must Die Ep6Today’s episode of Otakus Must Die begins with Alex and Jared catching up on the new series that they’ve been watching. The discussion takes a gross turn when Alex brings up her new guilty pleasure: Monster Musume. Eventually the chat gets less disgusting as Jared proclaims that Overlord is his perfect wish fulfillment series, and things finish up with a synopsis of the new series Charlotte that fans of NBC’s Heroes (and/or X-Men) will definitely enjoy.

News includes coverage of the Ore Monogatari live action trailer and the devastating effects of the AshleyMadison.com hack on at least one Otaku’s life. Last but not least, after it is revealed that Ben has no idea what a Tenga is, Alex makes things gross again and explains it to him.

Otakus Must Die Episode 6: Front Pussy

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