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OMD Ep5: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Otakus Must Die Ep5Jared, Alex, and Ben start off by talking about what they’ve been watching lately; topics include Dragon Ball and their final thoughts on the Spring season shows. Jared gives a synopsis of Kiniro Mosaic season 2, but ends up causing a great deal of confusion with his casual use of the term “CGDCT”, an acronym for Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

In news the team discusses the real world relevence of the childhood friend trope, and Alex gives a progress update on the “Yandere Simulator” game. From there Jared dives into the full summer 2015 anime chart as he and Alex decide what they will and won’t watch this season. Of course, no anime chart discussion is complete without Jared’s excellent pronounciation skills…

Otakus Must Die Ep5: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

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