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Ep18: You’re Just Excited For The Dick Cars

Gamers Must Die Episode 18After the team discusses Gamestop’s announcement that they’re getting into the retro game selling business, Alex talks about almost losing a friend to Zombi U. Things get worse when Alex starts talking about her fanny pack fixation, so Ben changes the topic to news about Nintendo America’s bozo president Reggie Fils-Aime defending Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

This week’s Top 3 List turns out way better than expected and leads Ben to make a surprising revelation about himself. The second half of the show is devoted to a lively round of The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week concerning the Tale of Tales developers announcing that they’re no longer making commercial games. Ben and Jared are surprised that Alex gets the most worked up on the topic as she excoriates the devs for being huge douche bags.

Episode 18: Episode Title

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Ep17: One Of Those Bodysuits With The Balls

E3 2015Nobody over the age of 12 cares about who “won” E3 this year, so instead the team chats about the games and news tidbits from E3 2015 that interested them most. Big topics include the concept of user-created mods being playable on consoles (ala Fallout 4), Xbox One’s surprise backwards compatibility announcement, and the The Last Guardian. Later, Ben bemoans the announcement of the FF7 remake, Alex talks about how underwhelming Nintendo’s conference was, and Jared isn’t in the mood for turn-based strategy games.

The E3 discussion carries over into this week’s Top 3 List as everyone rattles off their favorite E3 announcements. The show wraps up with another  The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week segment inspired by the announcement of “early access” games coming to Xbox One.

Episode 17: One Of Those Bodysuits With The Balls

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OMD Ep4: 2D Girls No Smell

Otakus Must Die Ep4On today’s episode Alex gives her first impressions of Steins;Gate, followed by a discussion of SHAFT animation and their crazy ass backgrounds/love of good oral hygiene. In news the team spends time debating whether DBZ should have ended in the Frieza saga, as well as their thoughts on the coming release of the “Resurrection F” movie. Jared also takes time to introduce Ben and Alex to a couple of fan made live action DBZ videos that have been posted lately.

Next up the team talks about the prevalence of CGI in current anime, including what they consider to be both good and bad examples of CGI. Jared and Alex finish the show by going over the Spring season titles that they’ve been watching, most of which are now wrapping up.

Otakus Must Die Ep4: 2D Girls No Smell

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Episode 16: They Will Hurt Your House

GMD Ep16New game announcements and the E3 rumor mill provide a lot of fodder for news today. Ben digs the confirmation of an XCOM sequel, the US release of Dragon Quest: Heroes piques Jared’s interest, and Alex talks about dressing her friends in speedos. The new Steam refund policy is also a hot topic of discussion.

This week’s Top 3 List leads to some reminiscing about Soul Calibur and a story about what happens when publishers aren’t cool with beating up girls in video games. The team then catches up on their recent gaming excursions in What You Been Playin’ Bro?, followed by yet another edition of The Worst Thing That Happened To Us This Week.

Episode 16: They Will Hurt Your House

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