Daily Archives: March 14, 2015

Alex’s and Sarah’s Audition Interviews

Job InterviewHow would you feel if your job interview was recorded and then posted online for all to see?  Well, if you’re either Alex or Sarah then probably not too bad, because these are the actual audition interviews for the Gamers Must Die podcast that landed them the gig!

After responding to our ad requesting applications for a female podcasting co-host, Alex and Sarah were two of the more than twenty candidates who applied – nine of whom went through this live audition process. After they walked in the door and introductions were made, we plopped a microphone in front of them and recorded these auditions:


Bonus Episode: Alex’s Audition Interview

Alex MorrowAlex is a big MMO and RPG fan (her current poison being FFXIV), and she always has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the PC gaming world. Having worked at a Gamestop for a couple of years, it could be suggested that her involvement in this podcast acts as a form of PTSD self therapy. She is happily married to avocados, Transformers, and her body pillow.


Bonus Episode: Sarah’s Audition Interview

Sarah PetersYou may have encountered Sarah before in a LoL match, in which she likes to “top lane and jungle”, and proclaims that “I love Fiora, she is my main bitch.” Sarah does voice over work for video games (most recently Spectre), and has also been known to cosplay from time to time. She has a strong distaste for all things Gamergate, as well as tumblrinas, neckbeards and hipsters; it’s almost like she was built in secret government a lab to be a GMD co-host.