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Episode 7: Then I Get To Not Kill Myself

Phil FishIt’s our first episode with the new team, so come listen as we drop our new co-hosts Alex and Sarah into the deep end and see how well they podcast!

On this week’s episode we talk about the movement to stop pre-ordering games in 2015, and the perils of being an indie developer as illustrated by both Notch and Phil Fish. We also talk about Nintendo’s Amiibo shortages (and what Amiibos actually are for the uninitiated), and briefly discuss Majora’s Mask 3D and whether or not you should get a New 3DS specifically for the C-Stick in that game.

Episode 7: Then I Get To Not Kill Myself

Here are the relevant links from today’s podcast:

Check back next Thursday for another episode. Sometime in the next week we’ll also be publishing the audition podcasts that both Alex and Sarah did when they interviewed for the co-hosting positions.