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Test Run Episode 5: A Game Console For The 99%

OMG guys are you super psyched for the Ouya!??!!?! It’s not even here yet and it’s already changed our lives; we’ve switched over to Maximum Strength Alka Seltzer to deal with the extra heartburn all of these new fanboys are giving us.

Episode 5: A Game Console For The 99%

There is definitely no room for a second analog stick in that gaping chasm on the right.

Today we start things off by talking about the Steam Summer Sale before jumping into a random assortment of news from the past week:

3:30 “Recent Gaming News” – Opining on recent happenings in the video game world.

  • IGN is super excited that Resident Evil 6 has spider nudity.
  • Square Enix thinks that the current console generation has lasted way too long.
  • The Old Republic continues to bleed out goes free to play.
  • NEVER try to scam Chinese arcades.
  • Nintendo says that their new super-sized 3DS-XL is too small for a second analog stick.
  • How Digg lost it all.

20:30 “The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Us (This Week)” – The Ouya isn’t the problem (but you people are).

32:20 “LET’S TALK ABOUT GAMES!” – Discussing Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and the modding scene.


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